Board of County Commissioners and Palm Beach County Administrator Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Strategic Priorities 

Adopted by the Palm Beach County Management Team
Verdenia C. Baker, County Administrator


Think strategically and anticipate the future. Ensure that the decisions we make today will have lasting value.


To drive a continuous improvement culture of excellence that achieves a measurably high level of public satisfaction.


We support the following values which will influence our actions in accomplishing our mission:

Fundamental Competence.

  • Attract, hire and train the most qualified personnel.
  • Provide the necessary training, tools and professional development to enrich each individual's contribution.
  • Access the most current and accurate information to improve the quality of our decision-making.
  • Expect the highest level of knowledge and skills which will allow our organization to perform exceptionally.
  • Promote accountability in every shape and form.
  • Display the highest standards of ethical behavior.

Unwavering Commitment.

  • Do the right thing for the right reason, acting on wisdom and fact, without undue influence from any source.
  • Resist preoccupation with political consequence, recognizing that democracy requires a fair amount of thoughtful compromise.
  • Provide consistently superior products and services to our customers, considering each individual need as if it were our own.
  • Program our work to improve the quality of life in Palm Beach County, focusing on those efforts which provide the most enduring benefit.

Creative Leadership.

  • Avoid the path of least resistance, exploring fresh approaches with an open mind and optimistic spirit.
  • Accept a degree of risk and act decisively when mistakes occur, always remembering lessons learned.
  • Empower every worker as fully as possible, creating systems that maximize individual and team performance.
  • Spin ideas into action.
  • Be resourceful, exploring public-private partnerships and cultivating community involvement.
  • Stimulate the success of others.
  • Recognize the achievements of co-workers frequently and with honest enthusiasm.
  • Ensure that performance appraisal and compensation methods support desired behaviors and activities.

Interactive Communication.

  • Share information amply, at all levels and in various media, involving every essential player to the highest degree practicable.
  • Listen attentively to any ideas that are offered by customers, employees and interested parties.
  • Welcome differing points of view and respond positively.
  • Provide timely and honest feedback on ideas and performance.


Customer Focus:

Solicit extensive, measurable and continual customer input. Record and track customer satisfaction trends. Modify systems to achieve customer-defined objectives. Apply knowledge gained to ensure the highest quality services and products.

Performance Measures:

Based on desired outcomes, define clear and quantifiable measures of performance that will provide baseline standards from which we may guide and verify our productivity and organizational improvement efforts.


Encourage the highest level of employee involvement and initiative. Decentralizing authority and responsibility will maximize individual contributions and promote a vested interest in organizational performance.

Continuous Quality Improvement:

Nurture the quest to be the best. Never identify a problem without offering a solution. Acknowledge and reward superior performance. Provide meaningful training and development opportunities that will stimulate organizational excellence.


Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of all County services, referencing benchmark and comparable data from the public and private sectors. When matching needs to resources, be mindful of budgetary limitations, customer expectations and changing priorities.


Public Safety

Unsheltered Residents
Housing Development

Environmental Protection

Economic Development

Substance Use and Behavior Disorders

Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Strategic Priorities 

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