• BCC Briefs for Sept. 19, 2023

    ​At the Sept. 19, 2023, Board of County Commissioners meeting, the board took the following action on the regular agenda:

    Administration – approved a contract between the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners and U.S. BENCOR/MidAmerica for the development and implementation of a 401(a) plan.

    Attorney – adopted an ordinance repealing the “Notice of Termination of Residential Tenancies and Rental Payment Increase Ordinance” in the Palm Beach County Code.

    Airports – approved the county Purchasing Department’s issuance of an award letter for a six-month extension of the term contract for janitorial services at the Palm Beach International Airport with Triangle Services for Oct. 1, 2023, through March 31, 2024, with no further renewal options.

    Facilities & Operations – approved the inventory list of all real property to which the county and its dependent special districts hold fee simple title, which is appropriate for use as affordable housing.

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