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The National Association of Counties award HED the 2021 Achievement Award for workforce housing ​DHES logo
Palm Beach County's Department of Housing and Economic Development (HED) administers programs for business development, housing, and community initiatives. This department's mission is:  Changing lives and transforming neighborhoods into balanced communities.

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At the Board of County Commissioners meeting on May 3, 2022, Commissioner Marino presented a proclamation recognizing May 1-7, 2022 as Palm Beach County Small Business Wee​k in Palm Beach County.  Pictured here (l to r):  County Administrator Verdenia Baker, Housing and Economic Development Director Jonathan Brown, Commissioner Maria Marino, Office of Equal Business Opportunity Division Director Tonya Johnson, Housing and Economic Development Division Director Sherry Howard and Assistant County Administrator Dorritt Miller.  

 link icon01-30-2023 Notice of CAH meeting on 2-22-23

link icon01-08-2023 Public Service Request for Proposals

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PDF format document11-30-2022 NOFA HED.2022.2 - Notice of Funding Recommendations​​

PDF format document11-03-2022 RFP HED.2022.5 Notice of Funding Recommendations

PDF format document11-02-2022 

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PDF format document10-25-2022 Public Notice - RFP HED.2022.5 Selection Committee ​​

link icon​10-08-20​22 Impact Fee Affordable Housing Assistance Program Notice of Funding

PDF format document9-23-2022 RFP HED.2022.4 Multifamily Rental Housing Development Funding Recommendations​​

link icon9-7-2022 RFP HED.2022.5 - Local Government Area of Opportunity Match Funding

link icon8-15-2022 NOFA HED.2022.2 - Very Low Income Rental Housing Development

link icon7-20-2022 RFP HED.2022.4 - Multifamily Rental Housing Development 

PDF format document7-18-2022 Palm Beach County 2019-2022 LHAP - Amendment #5

link icon6-27-2022 RFP HED.2022.3 - SHIP Single Family Development​​

​​link icon5-2-2022 Community Development Week Video​

link iconCOVID-19 Business Disaster Loan Information

link iconRegister Here for the Workforce Housing Program Mandatory Orientation

link icon Congratulations to the CLT of PBC on the Kirk Road CLT Homes Project

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PDF format document Contractor's  Qualification Application

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Effective April 30, 2014, an exemption from sales and use tax is available for purchases of industrial machinery and equipment used at a fixed location in Florida by an eligible manufacturing business that will manufacture, process, compound, or produce for sale items of tangible personal property.

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Jonathan B. Brown

Housing & Economic Development Director

100 Australian Avenue, 5th Floor
West Palm Beach, FL  33406 

Phone: 561-233-3600

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PDF format document9-10-21 SHIP Annual Report Now Available

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Mission Statement:​

Changing lives and transforming neighborhood into balanced communities​