To ensure that the County fulfills its annual goal for SBE, MBE and WBE participation on county procurement of construction, professional services (CCNA/non-CCNA), goods, and other services the Office of Equal Business Opportunity (OEBO) and departments will monitor all contracts with SBE, MBE, and/or WBE commitments. 

All Prime Contractors/Vendors must submit the applicable OEBO schedules, forms and documents, as required by the solicitation documents. ALL subcontractors, including S/M/WBE subcontractors must be identified.

Prior to any changes being made, Prime Contractors are required to submit the Request for Substitution/Modification/Removal form to the Originating Department and the OEBO.

Failure to comply with the SBE, MBE, and/or WBE requirements of an awarded contract may result in suspension or debarment of the firms or individuals involved. The OEBO staff will also conduct on-site inspections of job sites and interview subcontractors to ensure compliance.

Goal Participation
The minimum mandatory subcontracting goal is 20% regardless of industry segment.  M/WBE goals are set on a contract-by-contract basis by the established by the Goal Setting Committee (GSC) see the EBO Program Ordinance for more details.

SBE Price Preference
For construction contracts where there are no opportunities for subcontracting (i.e. single trade), the GSC may include a provision requiring awards of the contract to be made to the lowest responsive, responsible respondent or bidder unless a certified SBE's bid is within the ten (10) percent of the lowest non-small business bid, in which case the award shall be made to the certified small business respondent or bidder submitting the lowest responsive, responsible bid at the price that it bid.