Incentive: Industrial Development  Revenue Bonds (IDBs) finance business and industrial expansions for firms with strong credit. IDBs can provide low-interest loans for large projects by permitting the borrower to take advantage of long-term financing with lower than prime interest rates. Additionally, for certain types of manufacturing facilities, interest rates can be lowered further due to the tax-exempt status of the bond issue. Private parties purchase the bonds, in effect making the loan to the borrowing business.

Project Cost: IDBs may finance up to 100 percent of project costs, with loans up to $10 million available if the financing is tax-exempt. In the case of taxable bonds, no cap on the amount exists. Since significant legal costs are necessary with an IRB issue, projects should be at least $1 million in value to be cost effective.

Authority & PPM:

PPM# CW-F-065 establishes the guidelines for processing industrial development/private activity bonds. The legal secretary to the bond attorney in the County Attorney’s Office will handle all initial inquiries regarding industrial development/private activity bond applications.

Loan Structure: Interest on IDBs may be at a fixed or variable rate. Variable rates typically range from 85-100 percent of prime, depending on the strength of the firm's credit. Fixed interest rates average approximately one percent below prime. Maturity varies from five to 30 years, matching the life of assets.

Borrower Advantages:
  • Long-term maturities.
  • Low interest rates.
  • Low down payment with 100% financing.

Eligibility: The bonds are issued by Palm Beach County with principal, interest and other costs of the bonds paid solely by the beneficiary company. A company may not have participated as an owner or principal user in tax-exempt financing totaling more than $40 million nationwide. Companies applying for IRB Funding must obtain a qualified Bond Counsel (see Bond Counsel section below).

Bond Counsel:

Bond Buyer’s Municipal Marketplace Directory (“Red Book”). Applicants are instructed to select a bond counsel listed in the latest edition of the "Red Book."


 Application Package

 Fee Schedule

Administration: The Palm Beach County Department of Housing and Economic Development and the Palm Beach County Attorney's Office coordinate assisting a business through the IDB application process.

  1. Department of Housing and Economic Development
  2. David Jaco, Economic Sustainability Business Coordinator; djaco@pbcgov.org​
    561-233-3671  or

    Meri Weymer, Economic Dev​elopment Director; mweymer@pbcgov.org
    561-233-3600 or 561-233-3675 (direct)

  3. Palm Beach County Attorney Office
    Howard J. Falcon III,  Chief Assistant County Attorney; hfalcon@pbcgov.org ​
    Beverley Johnstone, Legal Secretary; bjohnsto@pbcgov.org
     301 N. Olive Avenue, Suite 60,1 West Palm Beach, FL 33401
    561-355-2734; Fax 561-656-7045​