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Holiday Greetings from CARE Council​

Mark Kelly interviews Neeta Mahani and Chris Dowden
Palm Beach County HIV Care Council needs volunteers​

Join the Palm Beach County HIV CARE Council
to End the HIV Epidemic

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Member Incentives Terms and Conditions:

  • Participants must be receiving Ryan White Services in Palm Beach County
  • Participants will receive incentives after proof of receiving has been confirmed
  • Participants may only receive 1 incentive per calendar day
  • Participants who do not become active Care Council members will only receive a maximum of 3 incentives.​

Anyone  interested in additional information may write PBC HIV CARE Council at 810 Datura Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, or email NMahani@pbcgov.org or call 561-355-4820.

Also, those wishing to make public comments may send their comments to Neeta Mahani, CARE Council Coordinator at 810 Datura​ Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 or email to NMahani@pbcgov.org.


Palm Beach County HIV Care Council​


Palm Beach County HIV "An Evening with the Council"


The CARE Council shall be a collaborative and balanced body of HIV infected and affected individuals, service providers, community leaders and interested individuals whose responsibilities shall be to plan, develop, monitor, evaluate and advocate for a medical and support services system for individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS.

The CARE Council shall:

RibbonDevelop a comprehensive plan for the entity and delivery of health services described in the Ryan White CARE Act, as it may be amended (hereinafter referred to as the Ryan White Act) that is compatible with any existing State or local plan regarding the provision of health services to individuals with HIV disease.

RibbonEstablish priorities for the allocation of Ryan White Act Part A and Ryan White Part B funds, State of Florida 4B General Revenue and Patient Care Network, and other appropriate funds within Palm Beach County, including how best to meet each such priority and additional factors that the grantees or Lead Agency shall consider based on:

  • Documented needs of the HIV infected population;
  • Cost and outcome effectiveness of proposed service strategies and interventions, to the extent that such data are reasonably available (either demonstrated or probable);
  • Priorities of the HIV infected communities for whom the services are intended; and
  • Availability of other governmental and non-governmental resources.


RibbonA community where individuals who live with HIV/AIDS do so without prejudice, abandonment, or social stigma.

RibbonA community where people living with HIV/AIDS are afforded a comprehensive range of medical and support services assuring the person's wellness, independence, and self sufficiency.

RibbonA community where HIV medical and support services are eligibility accessed based upon need, and approved CARE Council guidelines.

Contact Us

810 Datura Street
West Palm Beach
Florida 33401

Neeta Mahani
Ryan White CARE Council Coordinator
Phone: 561-355-4820​

Alliyah Tatah
Administrative Assistant to CARE Council Coordinator
Phone: (561)-355-3995 ext. 355-3995​

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