The Division of Emergency Management (DEM) is organized within the Department of Public Safety. The mission of DEM is to minimize the impact of emergencies and disasters to our community through education, planning, and response by coordinating information and resources. On a day-to-day basis, DEM is administered by a Director and organized into four sections that support this mission: Finance & Administration, Operations, Logistics, and Planning. Programs managed within these sections include, but are not limited: exercise design and evaluation, training, grant management, emergency planning, community outreach, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), shelter coordination activities, and County Warning Point operations. During your orientation, you will receive more information about these programs and how they support the National Preparedness Goal.

The program’s goal is to enhance readiness levels, strengthen existing programs, and increase the scope and quality of services offered to the public all things that help make Palm Beach County a better place to live, work, and play. This is accomplished by aligning section activities to the volunteer/intern’s qualifications and areas of interest within the emergency management career field.

Everyone has a vital role to play when preparing for the natural disasters, terrorism, public health issues, and other hazards that may impact Palm Beach County. For that reason, your service will be a valuable contribution to local emergency response, disaster relief, recovery efforts, and increasing community resiliency.


​Benefits for DEM Volunteer/Interns are:

  • Training opportunities
  • Meeting new people
  • Gaining work experience and new skills
  • Using your professional skills and talents
  • Making a positive contribution to the County
  • Helping others
  • Having fun

To become a Volunteer or an Intern, complete the application below.
Volunteer/Intern Application

For further information contact the Volunteer/Intern Coordinator at:

Click here for information on the Community Emergency Response Team program.