The Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management's Planning Section focuses on a number of topics related to emergency management.  The Planning Section coordinates the efforts of various community stakeholders (e.g., municipal, county, state, and federal government agencies; non-profit organizations; and citizens' groups) in order to develop comprehensive strategies to safeguard the lives and property of Palm Beach County citizens and businesses.

The Planning Section staff coordinates with the County's 39 municipalities, some of which have their own hazard plans and local Emergency Operations Centers.  Staff is dedicated to planning for a variety of natural, intentional, and technological hazards through all five phases of emergency management:      

5 phases em.PNG 

The Planning Section continues to focus on the current topics in emergency management, such as improving the County's Community Rating System (CRS) level, developing protective actions for a variety of potential hazards such as flooding, pandemics, terrorism, or severe weather (e.g., hurricanes).

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