What are electric vehicles, and why do we want them?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are cars and trucks that can run partly or entirely on electricity and can be connected to an external power source to charge up, just like your phone. Some types rely entirely on an electrical charge, and some types can be charged up and filled with gasoline, like a regular car.

Transportation is a significant contributor to the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving climate change. Although EVs are not entirely without greenhouse gas emissions (electricity production in Florida still generates some greenhouse gases), they are typically much lower than fossil-fuel-powered cars. And as Florida's electrical grid becomes greener, so do EVs.

There are some barriers to EV adoption. EVs are typically more expensive to purchase than regular vehicles, although some incentives are available and more on the way (search the Department of Energy's Alternative Fuel Data Center list of federal, state, and local incentives HERE), and maintenance of EVs can cost less. Additionally, potential EV drivers may experience range anxiety, the fear of running out of power, and being stranded with nowhere to charge the vehicle. However, local, state, and federal governments, as well as the private sector, are working hard to increase the availability of public EV chargers! Click HERE for a map of EV charging station locations around the US and Canada.

Does the County have any electric vehicle charging stations?

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Yes! The County wants to encourage EV adoption by reducing range anxiety and also wants to plan for the emerging market. Palm Beach County currently offers public electric vehicle charging at the following locations:

Palm Beach International Airport

  • Two Tesla Superchargers and one AC Level 2 charger in Premium Parking.

  • Twelve Public AC Level 2 charges on the first floor of the parking garage, including one ADA-compliant space. 
  •  Open to the public during the operating hours of the PBC Convention Center.
  • Charges at Convention Center cost $0.40/kWh, with a $5/hr charge after one hour of inactive charging in the spot, in addition to regular parking fees. 

PBC Governmental Center- Garage entrances on N. Dixie Hwy or N. Olive Ave just north of Banyan Blvd

  • Two Public AC Level 2 chargers on the second floor, including one ADA-compliant space.
  • Employee-only chargers in the employee parking of the garage.
  • Chargers at Governmental Center cost $0.31/kWh, in addition to regular parking fees.

​What other electric vehicle initiatives is the County pursuing?​

  • The County is planning to install chargers for eight more EV spaces for members of the public at the PBC Vista Center in 2024.
  • The County is planning to install chargers for eight more EV spaces for members of the public ​at the PBC Judicial Center in 2025.​
  • Palm Tran has been testing electric buses and has funding to purchase electric buses in the future. They have already installed the electrical infrastructure for electric bus chargers at their South County facility in anticipation of adding electric buses to their fleet.
  • County airports have leased space to private company Ferrovial, who plan to develop a "vertiport" from which electric aircraft can take off and land.

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