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The Engineering & Public Works Department is responsible for administering the County’s Five Year Road Program and for Operation and maintenance of the County-owned roads, bridges, and the north and south inlet sand transfer plants.

Our Maintenance Numbers:

  • 3,500 lane miles of roadway

  • 2,250 miles of sidewalk

  • 2,500 acres of mowing

  • 40 miles of shellrock roads

  • 3.5 miles of drainage canals/ditches

  • Approximately 300 bridges (including 8 bascule and 1 swing bridge)

  • guardrail throughout our county road system

  • 1,254 traffic signals

  • permit reviews of new residential and commercial developments

Contact Us​

 Contact Us

David L. Ricks, P.E.
County Engineer
Joanne M. Keller, P.E.
Deputy County Engineer​

Steve Carrier, P.E.
Assistant County Engineer

​2300 N. Jog Road
West Palm Beach, Florida 33411-2745

​Services provided include:

  • Design, Permitting & Construction of Roadways, Bridges, & Signals

  • Plat & Plan Review

  • Permitting

  • Maintenance of Roadways & Bridges

  • Operation of Bascule Bridges

  • Construction Oversight

  • Right of Way Acquisition

  • MSTU program

  • Surveying

  • Traffic Control

  • Traffic Studies

​​Responsibilities include:

  • Road Resurfacing

  • Guardrail Maintenance

  • Pothole Repair

  • Bascule Bridge Operation

  • Mowing along roadways

  • Drainage System Maintenance

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