• Question Mark IconHow can I get a traffic signal or turn signal at a particular location?

    ​Initiate your request with the Traffic Division by email (ENG-TrafficDivision@pbc.gov​) or call 561-684-4030. For all areas except Boca Raton, Palm Beach and FDOT roads, a study will be scheduled by the County Traffic Division if one has not been done in the last 9 months. The study consists of determining roadway geometrics, traffic counts, and accident history. Because of the number of requests, It usually takes about 8 to 12 weeks to complete. The results are then analyzed and compared with the minimum standards that are set forth in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. If a signal is warranted, the installation is typically completed in about six months. If it is not warranted, the intersection will be reviewed to determine if any other traffic control device or modifications are warranted. The intersection will be monitored in the future as traffic conditions change. The Engineering Action Center will notify you of the signal study results.

  • Question Mark IconHow can I get street lighting on my street?

    ​Palm Beach County has an annual street lighting program to install lighting along major county roadways located within the unincorporated boundaries. Under current criteria, only thoroughfare roads with four or more lanes will be considered for street lighting under this program. Within municipal limits, contact the appropriate municipal office with your request. If you would like to request street lighting for a thoroughfare road located in unincorporated Palm Beach County, please submit your request by email to ENG-Streetlighting@pbc.gov​.

  • Question Mark IconWhat can be done to control speeders on a given road or street?

    ​Contact the Traffic Division by email (ENG-TrafficDivision@pbc.gov​) or call 561-684-4030 with your concerns or questions. They will determine if the road/street is in the unincorporated area. If it is, our Traffic Division staff will then verify that the necessary speed limit signs are posted on the subject roadway. If found to be missing, a work order will be issued for replacement of the speed limit signs, and a request for enforcement will be sent to the appropriate policing agency. Where a speeding problem is determined to exist, various countermeasures may be appropriate, if so indicated by our traffic studies.

  • Question Mark IconHow can I get the speed limit changed on a particular street?

    ​There are two primary conditions that are considered when setting speed limits. The design of the roadway is a limiting factor for the maximum speed limit. The 85th percentile speed (the speed or below which 85% of the observed vehicles are traveling) of the existing traffic is the other primary consideration. If you have concerns about the speed limit on a roadway in Palm Beach County, contact the Traffic Division by email (ENG-TrafficDivision@pbc.gov​) or call 561-684-4030.

  • Question Mark IconWhat is the Adopt-A-Road program and how can I become involved?

    ​The Adopt-A-Road program is a community/county participation litter control effort. Interested groups and individuals that are aware of the litter problem adopt a one mile segment of a County road, commit to removing litter at least 4 times a year for a two year period and attend a safety orientation. The County Engineering Department posts Adopt-A-Road signs displaying the group's name, conduct safety orientations, provide safety equipment and litter bags and picks up the bagged litter at specified locations.The groups and the County form a partnership for a litter-free Palm Beach County roadways For more information, call 561-684-4030.

  • Question Mark IconWhere can I obtain information on roadway beautification/landscaping?

    ​Requests for information about landscaping in County road rights of way can be directed to the Streetscape Section at 561-684-4100. They will be able to answer questions about the County's "Trees Only" Program, the permitting of landscaping, and possible funding available through beautification grants. As appropriate, they may direct certain requests to others within the County or State governments.

  • Question Mark IconHow can I get a pathway/sidewalk for a particular street?

    New Pathways: Once a request is received, a cost estimate is prepared and in the fall of every year, the Pathway Committee (Reps. from Sheriff's Office, School Board and P.B.C. Traffic Engineering) makes recommendations for funding pathways. Paths for elementary schools are considered a priority. The Board of County Commissioners considers staff's recommendations and approves the annual program. For more information, please contact the Traffic Division (ENG-TrafficDivision@pbc.gov​)

    Pathway Repairs: Notify the Action Center of defective areas in pathways and those repairs, handicapped ramps and small missing links will be addressed immediately.

  • Question Mark IconHow often does the County mow the medians and sides of the roads?

    ​The side of the road is mowed every 6-8 weeks and medians every 4-5 weeks. All hand type mowing, weed eating and edging is done twice a year. If there is a specific problem regarding visibility due to overgrown hedges and trees in the County right-of-way or other concerns, please contact the Action Center and we will investigate and take necessary action.

  • Question Mark Icon What is the County procedure for cleaning a canal?

    ​ We clean County maintained canals for drainage purposes, not necessarily for aesthetics. If someone makes a request to evaluate and see if the drainage flow is impeded in any of the County canals, we will do so in a timely manner. Otherwise, the schedule for cleaning canals is twice a year. (Most of the County maintained canals are the smaller ones. There are canals dedicated to the public but not accepted by the County. Many others, including all of the larger ones, are maintained by the South Florida Water Management District, the Lake Worth Drainage District, the South Indian River Water Control District, the Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District, and other drainage and improvement districts).

  • Question Mark IconHow can I get a pothole fixed on my street?

    ​Supervisors do a constant review and repair of potholes as they see them. We also rely on notification from the public. If a serious situation is brought to the attention of this Department. We will normally take care of it within 24 hours. If notification is made during off-duty hours 561-233-3500, temporary repairs will be made until we can fix them permanently.

  • Question Mark IconHow can I get a missing street sign or other traffic sign replaced?

    Please contact the Traffic Division to report the missing street sign or traffic sign by email or phone:

    Email: ENG-FixTrafficSignal@pbc.gov​ 
    Phone: 561-683-6885

    Once the Traffic Division receives a report about a missing sign, a representative will be sent to the location to verify the request. If a sign is found to be missing, a work order will be issued for replacement. Stop signs and similar traffic control signs will be replaced as soon as possible. Other signs usually take 3-6 weeks to replace.

  • Question Mark IconHow can I get my shell rock road paved?

    ​The Street Improvement Program is a cost sharing program designed to bring shell rock roads up to County standards by providing road paving and drainage. For information, contact the Action Center or call 561-684-4150 to receive a program package which includes a County petition that has to be signed by 51% of the property owners on the street.

  • Question Mark IconHow can I get a roadside vendor permit?

    ​Palm Beach County has a Roadside Vendors Ordinance which permits limited use of County owned or maintained rights-of-way for the sale of produce, plants, flowers and prepared foods in unincorporated areas. The Palm Beach County Roadside Vendor Ordinance package can be mailed to you upon request by contacting the Traffic Division at 561-684-4030. After receiving and thoroughly reading the ordinance package, you may begin selecting a location and obtaining approval of that location. After those approvals are made, a permit for roadside vending can be issued.