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 Palm Beach County Roadway Project Video

Palm Beach County Roadway Project Video Town of Lake Park and the City of Riviera Beach “Silver Beach Project”

The “Silver Beach Project” in District 7 was nominated for a 2021 People’s Choice Award at the Safe Streets Summit in February 2022. It is an important Palm Beach County roadway project that was completed within the Town of Lake Park and the City of Riviera Beach. Silver Beach Road was widened and reconstructed as a 3-lane roadway from east of Congress Avenue to Old Dixie Highway, and included the addition of a new curb and gutter, inlets, closed drainage system, designated bike lanes, as well as sidewalks on both sides of the street. We retained the existing segment of the road between Avenue S and Avenue P to serve as a frontage road by constructing the new Silver Beach Road farther north and away from the residential properties. The traffic signals and railroad crossing signals at the President Barack Obama/Old Dixie Highway intersection were all replaced and brought up to current standards. Construction began in January 2019 and was completed in May 2021 at a construction cost of $5,582,031.70.

The overall goal of this project was to build a more complete street for an area that was not previously well-connected. The end result provided better connectivity not only for vehicles but also for pedestrians, bicyclists and drainage for the entire area. After the project was completed, the Engineering Department collaborated with PBC’s Channel 20 to create a video highlighting all that went into making this project so special. We truly believe “Silver Beach Project” to be a Complete Streets Champion and we are eager to receive recognition at the Safe Streets Summit. A huge thanks to Public Affairs on helping us with this video.

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 Current Projects

At the August 17, 2023 In​frastructure Sales Tax Oversight Committee meeting, the Engineering and Public Wor​​ks Department gave a presentation overviewing the departments Sales Tax Bridge Replacement Project. ​​

 PBC Stormwater Division

 5 Year Road Program and Infrastructure Update

At the December 20, 2022 Board of County Commissioners meeting, the Engineering and Public Works Department gave an update on the Five Year Road Program and Infrastructure Status. To check out the presentation, please click the link below.

 Engineering and Public Works Overview

At the March 14, 2023 Board of County Commissioners meeting, the Engineering and Public Works Department gave a presentation overviewing the department updates​

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Construction Zones

Our Construction Coordination Division oversees the construction of the County's roadway improvement projects.  Our Road and Bridge Division oversees the maintenance operations on the County's roadways.

email icon Report a Construction Zone Issue - please include a detailed description of the location and problem - photos can also be included to help identify the location


Roadway Plans

Our Public Information Services stores roadway plans, aerials, and project files.  Their office is located at
Vista Center - 3rd Floor
2300 N. Jog Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

Phone: 561-684-4045

Our Roadway Production Division can also assist with finding final roadway plans.



Have Road Repaved.

Our Road and Bridge Division works diligently to repave and maintain our County owned roadways.

Please call us with as much information on the location as possible and the request will be evaluated by the Road Section.



Fix Traffic Signal

Our Traffic Division designs and maintains many of the traffic signals throughout the County to keep the roadways moving.


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Road Sign Down

Our Traffic Division installs and maintains many of the signs throughout the County to keep the travelling public informed.


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Please contact our Engineering Action Center


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