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Lake Worth Lagoon Estuary Update

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Lake Worth Lagoon Estuary Update


Restoration In Progress Pardon Our Sand!
Habitat restoration efforts are underway for the newest project within the Lake Worth Lagoon. Bonefish Cove will be a chain of 3 intertidal mangrove islands and oyster reefs about ½ mile in length, located in central Lake Worth Lagoon, south of Lake Avenue Bridge. The intertidal islands will be formed using 320,000 cubic yards of sand transported from Peanut Island’s material management area. This restoration project is a partnership between Palm Beach County and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The project will create valuable habitat for numerous species of flora and fauna that had otherwise been lost or degraded due to past dredge and fill activities, stormwater discharges and shoreline hardening. When completed the islands will provide critical habitat for threatened shorebirds and protected native mangroves, while below water seagrass and oysters will colonize, improving water quality for fisheries and wildlife. Construction activities will start late February 2024, with completion expected in summer 2025. Work hours will be 7am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday, as approved by the Town of Palm Beach. 
Bonefish Cove Location Map