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Protecting Our Natural Resources

ERM works to protect Palm Beach County's natural resources (land and water) though environmental assessment, permitting, compliance inspections, and land development review activities to ensure compliance with the County's Unified Land Development Codes (ULDC) and in some cases, the State of Florida's Administrative Codes. (FAC) 

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Groundwater and Natural Resources Protection Hearing Board

Is comprised of 7 members appointment by the Board of County Commissioners to include a professional engineer registered in the State of Florida, an attorney licensed to practice in Florida, a hydrologist, a biologist or a chemist, a concerned citizen and a member of an environmental organization to preside over hearings to enforce environmental regulations found in Palm Beach County's Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) and various County Ordinances. The GNRPB has the powers and duties to adopt rules of procedure; issue subpoenas; take testimony under oath; issue orders having the force of law commanding whatever steps necessary to achieve compliance with violations; lien property; and, access administrative fines and penalties. (Authority ULDC, Article 10, Enforcement)

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